Improve the effectiveness of your leadership team. Learn about 'Leading with Obeya' in this practical training.


This training is as much about leadership as Obeya as an instrument.

For management, leaders and coaches

The two-day training is aimed at individuals and teams in a leadership position as well as coaches and facilitators who want to learn how to use Obeya practically to increase the effectiveness of leadership activities. Knowledge of Lean and / or Agile is useful but not required.

Immediately put theory into practice

In the training we will see, learn and do. We combine theory with practical exercises based on an Obeya case that we work out in groups. In this way we come across all aspects of leadership in the Obeya and we offer tools that you can immediately apply in your own practice.

Public and in-house: rated excellent

Obeya is an experience. That is why we invest maximally in the experience of both our physical and online training. This means that you will be introduced to both a physical and virtual Obeya in our training courses.

Our courses were rated with an average of 8.6



This training is now also available as an immersive 'Live Action Training' where we look at all aspects of leadership in the Obeya both from our Obeya studio as well as the virtualized version of it. 

“Krachtige training. Niet alleen het concept en de basics rondom Obeya leren kennen maar óók de randvoorwaardelijke processen aangestipt, die een sleutelrol hebben in het succesvol werken in en aan een Obeya. ”

— Petrie Velthof, Politie


Our training


In this training you'll have

  • practiced translating strategy to operational goals

  • practiced setting up useful metrics for improved perfromance in your organisation

  • learned how to visualise your Value Stream or Portfolio and how to expose problems

  • learned how to bring the continuous improvment mindset into practice by asking coaching questions

  • familiarized yourself with the principle mechanics of Obeya

  • familiarized yourself with the basic approach to start your own Obeya

  • familiarized yourself with common pitfalls and learned about tools that will help you succeed.


To keep the quality of interaction high, our groups are small.

You can book your training below, or request an in-house training just for your team, in your context and daily practice. In three days we can combine the training with a workshop to setup the first version of your Obeya.