"Looking not just to survive but to excel coming out of the crisis? Welcome to the new way of leading organizations: Leading with Obeya.


Obeya (Japanese for 'big room') goes viral in the Netherlands and abroad. We have been specialized in this new form of leadership since 2016 and help you get started with Obeya through training, coaching or change processes: the Obeya kick-start.

Leadership with Obeya is a way of working focused on management and leadership roles and functions in the organization. The team translates strategy, goals and plans into visually effective wall displays.


The powerful visual method helps the team gain faster overview and insight and thereby make better decisions, take actions and launch improvement initiatives. The visual impact of seeing a good Obeya room is enormous and that is why more and more teams are adopting it.


It is important to know that the effectiveness of the Obeya depends on the ability of the team. Therefore, good training and / or support is crucial in the successful start-up and maintenance of an effective Obeya.


Our approach and methods are based on the 'Leadership with Obeya' method. This method fits seamlessly into Lean, Agile and classic management environments. Read all about it in ' Leadership with Obeya '.


The promise of leadership with Obeya:

Leadership with Obeya strengthens collaboration within and outside of your management team:

  • Seeing learning and acting together

  • See what to do instead of what to do in the crisis

  • Curb complexity and scaling challenges

  • Meetings become (much) more effective and meaningful

  • Strategy and meaningful work is visible on the wall and tangible to the people in the organization.

  • Continuous improvement = habit rather than an idea

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Obeya Coaching Leiderschap
Obeya Coaching Leiderschap
Obeya Coaching Leiderschap
Obeya Coaching Leiderschap
Obeya Coaching Leiderschap

Unlocking the human leadership potential


Obeya literally means 'room' in Japanese (not war room). The first thing you see is the visuals the team uses to share context. But what happens with the thinking and acting behind the creation of those visuals is far more important than what's on the walls.

The reference model is intended to help you understand the aspects of using Obeya for leadership teams.

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No nonsense

We specialize in bringing back the essence of leadership, not only by explaining principles, but by using useful techniques that you can use tomorrow. This allows your team to work with focus and attention on implementing your strategy and achieving organizational goals.

Sustainable results

Success can be measured by sustainably building ever better organizational results, whether you are acting commercially or based on a public interest.

Controlling complexity

Our organizations are becoming increasingly complex and our management style can no longer lag behind.

Leadership with Obeya

Leadership with Obeya method has been in development since 2017. It is a proven method for different types of organizations and branches. It brings meaningful and sustainable change to leadership teams and their environment. After all, the Obeya is not only there for you, but just to get more results with the others.