Tim Wiegel
founder and lead coach


Our network


ObeyaCoaching.nl exists of an international network of independent coaches and consultants with solid Lean and Agile knowledge and experience. As such we're able to operate on (senior) leadership levels. Using a network allows us to engage with the right expertise locally and internationally.

Our vision


Obeya Coaching.nl started from the vision that working with Obeya has a positive impact on leadership and as such society as a whole.

We believe developing leadreship capabilities and working with a framework which is about respect for people and continuous improvement, we can make the world a better place, step by step.

Tim Wiegel Obeya Coaching

The Obeya Leadership Framework

The basis for the work we do is the Obeya Leadership Framework. In this all aspects of Obeya for leadership teams are represented. As such we're able to work consistently with a proven method and are able to get to analyses and potential points for improvement very effectively.

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