Improving business results through a leadership system

We are specialized in training, coaching and introducing a leadership system for leadership teams.

We use Obeya (means 'room' in Japanese) to help build a leadership system for your team and your organization. It's a management technique first described by Toyota when using it to build the first Prius in 18 instead of 36 months, back in 1993.  

Leaders that work with Obeya have reported several benefits, which include:

- More focus on achievement of strategic goals

- More effective meetings

- Clearer context for making better decisions

- Better alignment with operational teams

- Faster response to changes and problems

"The Obeya helps teams deal with complexity in their organization and improve their execution power spending less time in meetings."

Three essential tasks for leadership

If you're in a leadership position, you have two important tasks to complete:

  1. Establish the strategic goals of your organization (where should we go)

  2. Establish a plan of how to achieve those goals and ensure alignment towards it

  3. Making sure the members of your organization are able to reach those goals by facilitating the development of capabilities that are needed

Four reasons your strategy execution fails

The tasks you have as leadership, to translate goals into capabilities and building the path to glory for your organization is complicated because of four reasons:

  1. Failing to recognize the complexity of our organizations

  2. Our cognitive abilities are limiting us, directing us towards fire and forget mode and only dealing with what's most urgent and right in front of us instead of creating sustainable growth

  3. Anglo saxon management philosophy is based on achieving and rewarding (short-term) objectives, regardless the method used to achieve them. This invokes behaviour that seeks individual reward above systemic organizational growth.

  4. We don't have a leadership system implemented to cope with the first three

Obeya, a scrum-like method for leadership teams

Operational teams have methods like Scrum that help them with visibility of their work so they can inspect & adapt. If done well, the inclusion of guidelines up to the level of team meetings helps adopt this way of working.


Leadership teams will find Scrum is unsuitable for them, because of the different type of work system they operate in. Using Obeya as a technique for leadership teams helps address this challenge with similar potential effectiveness as Scrum-like methods. Moreover effectively helps tackle the four reasons your strategy execution fails.