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Have you just heard about Obeya? Want to know how to get started with Obeya? Do you have a physical Obeya but are you looking for ways to have good online / virtual sessions? Are you a team with experience in Obeya and are you looking for a coach to spar with for next steps? We are ready for you. Click on one of the services below, or contact us for advice or a customized proposal.

Obeya Training virtueel en fysiek
Beginnen met Obeya
Obeya Coaching Master

Learn about Leading with Obeya in this two day course, combining theory with practical exercises.

Exclusively for you and your team, three days of learning by doing with a valuable end-result: your own Obeya, ready for the first session!

Want coaching, support or advice on your Obeya?

We're here to help!

Get started with the new way of leading. Not because you can, but because you must.



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