Three tips for effective (virtual) Obeya sessions

You may have learned the basics of Leadership with Obeya in the fundamentals or kick-start training. Is it possible to put this into practice? A good facilitator can really be decisive for the quality of your Obeya sessions. Therefore, here are three tips that you can take with you in your own sessions.

Tip 1 - Follow the routine! You've heard of me before, but the routine really is the key to an effective session. The more you deviate, the more easily you fall into old behavior during your Obeya session. Sometimes it is good if you read through the routine together and confirm that you are doing the meeting in a structured way on the basis of a routine.

Tip 2 - Discipline is necessary to achieve valuable sessions. You may have noticed that valuable information only appears on the walls when the team members put in the time themselves. The value of the Obeya sessions is related to the quality that is hung on the wall. So if your team doesn't have the discipline to work on that, your sessions won't get any better.

Tip 3 - Always close every discussion with an action or a decision. The value of a conversation manifests itself when it has a consequence, or it was only for information. It's good to have that in focus. In this way you also feel that at the end of the Obeya session you have come to useful actions and decisions. Now to make sure they are followed... ;)

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