Upgrade your facilitator skills in the great room!

In 2020 a pilot training for the Obeya Facilitator training will be given. Just like last year, we will do the pilot based on expenses (depending on physical or online training) and after that you can 'pay what you think it's worth'.

The LWO - Facilitator training has fixed components and a case for exercises, but also focuses on the practice of the participants. This strengthens you in facilitating Obeya sessions for your team.

Provisional dates: Monday 30 November and Tuesday 15 December.

Learning goals:

  • Floor on starting with Obeya,

  • exercise in facilitating the routines,

  • spotting improvements to the wall including visualization techniques and use of templates,

  • deepening of coaching through Toyota Kata, and

  • we will deal with cases / problems from your practice.

Prerequisite for participation: you have completed the fundamentals training and you have practical experience with Obeya or will be working with it in the short term.

Dates and details of the training are partly determined by your needs. If possible we do the training on-site with the demo Obeya, otherwise online from the Obeya studio.

Are you interested in following this follow-up training? Submit it here. Please note, the training is (partly) filmed for promotional and training purposes.


There are a maximum of 5 places for the pilot training, be quick.

Wanneer zou je de vervolgtraining willen volgen?

Thank you for your interest, we will keep in touch about the developments of this training.